Back Patio Cigars Wood Wick Candle


Back Patio Cigars Wood Wick Candle


Inspired by: San Juan Capistrano, CA
Smells like: Cuban tobacco

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Nestled in southern Orange County, CA sits the honky tonk of honky tonk bars. There’s no place quite like it. If you know it, you know it. It’s an experience from the very second you step through the door. When you walk into the bar, there’s no missing the variety of lacy lingerie hanging from the ceiling. Every inch of the walls is covered in decades of memorabilia from the regulars. You can barely hear the bartender over the swinging country music, as the sweet smoke of cigars wafts through a door that leads to the back patio, where you’ll always find the regulars hunched over pub tables, shooting the sh_ and enjoying stiff drinks, good weather, and fine company. Ain’t no place like it.

What makes our soy wax wood wick candles awesome:

When you light your new candle up, this beautiful vegan candle will crackle like a little mini fireplace, creating an ambience. The wood wick also lends to a warmer essence.

Our candles are made with kosher-certified, vegan soy wax. This means that our candles are made with natural wax and contain no petroleum (as opposed to paraffin wax candles). This means they burn cleaner and don’t produce any known carcinogens. They also last twice as long as other candles (paraffin, beeswax, etc.) because soy wax burns slower. This means our candles will save you money in the long run. They also burn evenly all the way down, instead of leaving the annoying well of wax in the jar.

Cool tip: If you blow out the candle and pour a bit of the melted wax into a small container, you can use that melted wax as a moisturizer… Just stick your finger in and rub it into your skin. This way you can smell like your favorite Whiskey Wicks candle, too! It won’t burn like other waxes because it has a lower melting point and is not as hot. Please use caution. Never stick your finger into a lit candle. The small container can be washed easily with soap and water.

Handpoured with vegan soy wax in a 9oz glass jar or a 2 oz sample size or as a package of wax tarts. Our wax tarts are great for those who can’t have an open flame around!

We recommend burning for about 3 hours at a time.

To light the candle: Light candle at the base of the wick, not at the top. 

Rumor has it that WIL founder, Andi, has left a lacy item hanging from the ceiling somewhere, too…

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2 oz, 6 Small Wax Tart Melts, 9 oz


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